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Dear Kids Bowl Free Family.

On behalf of the Steinbach Bowling Alley & Bistro, we are writing this letter to apologize for the misinformation the Kids Bowl Free Program has given to you. We deeply regret that this incident happened and hope that you accept this and will not let you stop using your PASS to our centre.

To give you a little bit of an information, The Kids Bowl Free is a National Program and you do the registration and payment through them, we only take payment on shoe rental, and we only agreed to participate again this year as we want to support the community but with a condition that in our centre we will only do the 1 hour of bowling instead of 2 games and they agreed and its actually in the terms and condition on their registration page.

We are extremely sorry for this misinformation and the reason for this decision is we wanted to service more customers during the time that the program runs. We wanted to give more families a chance to play every day during the specified hours in our centre. The 2 games play sometimes takes families to finished 2-3 hours and as we only have 8 lanes, this will not give us a opportunities to accept other reservations. We are constantly aimed at delivering best services to our client and hope that this will clarify the issue.

I will send the screen shot of the ‘REGISTRATION PAGE’ where you sign up and it will show up that our centre free passes is good for 1 hour game every day.

From the Management of Steinbach Bowling Alley & Bistro

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